Almost Pregnant starring Tanya Roberts, Jeff Conaway, Joan Severance. and Dom DeLuise on DVD

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This is a funny film, partly due to Dom Deluise, as a doctor, given some great dialogue as too Jeff Conaway, in a funny and impressive script, that raises the bar to a lot of other comedies. Linda (Tanya Roberts, really sexing it up here) desperately wants a kid, but her husband, Conaway, is infertile. They try all different avenue's, one that warrants Conaway, having his nuts operated on. Thank god for friendly neighbors, which includes a crazed Kevin Kline sounding and wannabe writer (another asset to this funny and SEXY film) and his sex starved wife (Joan Severance). Conaway puts the prospect to him, of giving his wife a baby, for which he readily accepts. Now to the other criss cross, we have Conaway falling for Severance. Audience out there, you will be surprised how good and funny this this is, and Tanya Roberts does look frickin' hot, putting the S in sexy.

This is the UNRATED version which contains footage not included in the R rated version. Discretionary viewing by minors is strongly advised.

Unrated, Approx. 93 minutes, color, NTSC, Hi-Fi, Digitally Remastered

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