3000 Bettie Betty Page photos Color/Black & White on CD

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You have here a 5 year love creation, over 3000 images and photos of Bettie, both nude and clothed, tied up and spanked and free as a bird, color and black & white. We have spent 5 years gathering photos, images, and negatives of Betty and collected them on this cd-rom for all of the other Bettie Page fans to have and enjoy. Some of the photos are very rare and never see before while others are some of her most famous shots. Enjoy this on your computer, make a screen saver, print photos for your walls and friends, even transfer images to your clothing if you have the program. More and more supermodels are inspired by her style and heart-breaking great looks. Naughty and nice, pinup extraordinaire Betty Page was hot, is hot, and will remain so with collections like this to remind us.

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This is the original Pin Up Girl, Bettie Page.

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