Darkroom DVD set

Darkroom DVD set

For those of you who might not be familiar, Darkroom is a horror anthology series that ran for one season on ABC TV in the early 80s. The Sci-Fi Channel and the USA Network showed reruns of the series from time to time in the mid to late 90s.

Each episode runs an hour and is broken up into two separate stories with James Coburn acting as the host in opening and closing scenes.

Darkroom is a very fun show and has been very hard to find in the last twenty years or so.

Like any anthology series there are some episodes that are better than others but for the most part fans of the genre will find something to like in at least one of the individual stories per episode.

One of the things I love about this series is that the cast is literally a who's who of 70s and 80s TV, with appearances by Claude Akins, Richard Anderson, June Lockhart, Ronny Cox etc.. It is also great to see actors before they became superstars like Helen Hunt and Billy Crystal.

Darkroom is far more closely aligned with 60s classics like The Twilight Zone or One Step Beyond than Creepshow or Tales From the Darkside.

Darkroom is well worth a look.

Jun 19th 2024 Jon S

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