Crime Zone Starring David Carradine and Sherilyn Fenn on DVD

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God is Dead. Hell Still Exists.

 Crime is eliminated in the post-nuclear fascist world of tomorrow. Citizens are constantly watched by cameras, the ultra-rich extend their lives by hibernation, and caged beauties dispense state-sanctioned sex. Trapped in this police state that divides society, two young lovers seem doomed to live as "subgrades" unless they can somehow escape the Crime Zone.

     A mysterious stranger offers the desperate couple a way out if they can steal a computer chip vital to the government. Soon they are being hunted like animals, caught in a web of murder which leads them deep into the heart of the most shocking and violent conspiracy ever imagined.

     Luis Llosa (Anaconda, Sniper) energetically directs this gritty sci-fi romp to a rousing synthesizer score. Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) and Peter Nelson (V) star along with David Carradine who also executive produced the film with Roger Corman.

In Color, 1988, Approx. time 1 hour 36  minutes, stereo, Rated R


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