SuperBitch aka Mafia Junction starring Stephanie Beacham on DVD

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Undercover cop infiltrates a drug ring that is importing stuff from Lebanon, turns double agent, plays traffickers against corrupt cops, and intends to keep both the money, and the drugs. He also intends to keep the drug ring leader's woman, whom he wooed in the process. A long plan that develops well, in bloodshed and deaths galore. Stephanie Beacham, star of the NBC hit series "Sister Kate" (and previously star of "Dynnasty" and "The Colbys"), reveals more than you have ever seen before in this 90 minute feature film. Stephanie Beacham is "Superbitch" and uses her body to deceive and manipulate men to satisfy her expensive tastes in like.

90 minutes, in color, Region 0, Directed by Massimo Delmano

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