The Wilde Girls Starring Olivia Newton-John on DVD

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Jasmine Wilde (Olivia Newton-John) is a one hit wonder who is now working in an animal shelter. Her daughter Issy (Chloe Rose Lattinzi, who is her real life daughter) wants to become a singer and go to Hollywood to record. She does not know about her mother's success, but finds out after she finds some teen magazines in her mother's closet with her on the cover. She was once a very popular singer, and she explains to her daughter that the cruel world of the music business made her leave it for a more simple life. Izzy also learns that her father was a musician but he decided to pursue his music career instead of raising a child. This news only encourages Izzy to pursue her singing career even more.

Olivia and Chloe are both great in this movie, (Although Chloe didn't inherit talents as great as Olivia's) and any Olivia Newton-John fan should see this one. The movie was filmed "on location" in Australia, even though it was supposed to be in Georgia and Hollywood. Good movie, Great Olivia. She also sings the song, Trust Yourself, which she wrote, and plays it on the guitar in the film.

In Color, Dolby Stereo, 95 minutes, 2001, Region 0

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

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