J.C. 1971 Biker film rare on DVD

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"J.C." preached love... lived violence!!

This film essentially begins with a young man by the name of "J. C. Masters" (William McGaha) working on a job at a construction site with his friend "David Little" (Hannibal Penney). Although he desperately needs the money, J. C. isn't very good at that kind of labor and as a result the foreman is constantly on his back about something or the other. Finally, after taking all of the abuse he can tolerate, J. C. quits and goes back to his house to apologize to his girlfriend "Kim McKool" (Pat Delaney) for losing yet another job. However, rather than feeling disappointed, Kim expresses her complete support and undying devotion to him. Not long afterward, J. C. has a drug-induced vision which he then goes on to share with his biker friends and in response they join him on a motorcycle ride from Georgia to the West Coast. To that effect, one of the first stops on their way is to J. C.'s former hometown of Mason, Alabama so that he can see his younger sister "Miriam Wages" (Joanna Moore). What they find, however, is a small-town mindset which not only disapproves of bikers but actually detests David Little simply because he is black-and it's this racial animosity which will eventually cause all sorts of problems for everyone concerned.

Color, 1971, stereo, Rated R, Region 0, 1 hour 39 minutes

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Hippy Bikers versus Redneck Bigots

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