Death Match DVD Big Japan Crocodile Wrestling PPV on DVD

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WWE has nothing on these crazy Wrestlers. This is the best of the bloodiest and most insane wrestling matches you will ever see. You haven't see anything until you see this crazy extreme DVD that has the live matches of the night as well as the best of the Death Matches.

This was a Pay-Per-View event that was shown on Sept 23rd, 1998 in Japan and is now on DVD. This is the best with Beds of Nails, Barbed Wire, Thumbtacks, Fluorescent Tubes, Electric Drills, Fire, Electric Barb Wire, Cactus, Scorpions, a tank full of Piranha, and much much more. You have to see this stuff to believe it and THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEEK OF HEART!!!.

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Wrestling at its Bloodiest Best!!!

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