Pass The Ammo starring Tim Curry on DVD

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Any film that features the immortal Tim Curry as a corrupt televangelist would be worth watching, and this one has even more to offer: Annie Potts as his loopy, big-haired wife; gun-toting good old boys fresh out of jail (and hungry for Moon Pies); dancing angels in fishnet stockings; and a trigger-happy citizens' militia that takes its TV very seriously. This screwball satire features Bill Paxton as our hero, who attempts to quietly steal back his girlfriend's legacy but inadvertently takes the TV studio Tower of Bethlehem hostage--during a live broadcast. Curry and Potts give virtuoso performances, but every one of the quirky supporting characters adds to the fun. While this over-the-top comedy may not be for all tastes, anyone who ever laughed at a Tammy Faye t-shirt should get a kick out of its razor-sharp send-up of televangelism, and fans of Curry, Potts, or Paxton shouldn't miss it.

Comes with case, artwork, great quality and sound. Widescreen picture with original trailer, menu, chapter stops.

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Pass The Ammo Starring Bill Paxton, Tim Curry, Annie Potts, and Linda Kozlowski. Written by Neil and Joel Cohen.

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2 Reviews

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    Pass the Ammo

    Posted by Dave Williams on Jun 15th 2017

    One of the funniest musicals of the 20th century. The cast chemistry is on par with such classics as Fish Called Wanda and/or Lone Star State of Mind. Very entertaining and creative story.

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    pess the ammo

    Posted by mike Addis on Jul 4th 2016

    This movie was a very funny movie. Tim Curry, Annie Potts are perfect matched as the heads of Tv evangalist. Patton is great as the son . its a good movie with a lots of smiles.

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