Kamen Rider Dragon Knight the complete series on DVD

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While searching for his missing father, Kit Taylor finds an Advent Deck - a special card deck that allows the carrier to transform into a Kamen Rider and utilize unique weapons and powers - and uses it to become Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He butts heads with Len, who serves as Kamen Rider Wing Knight, but the pair join forces after Kit learns that an alien warlord named General Xaviax is responsible for his father's disappearance and intends on using him and the entire human race, which he plans to abduct to gain power and rebuild his homeworld.


Running time appx 880 minutes   English Language  5 DVD set   Fullscreen in Stereo

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KAMEN RIDER Dragon Knight - The American adaptation of the Japanese Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Ryu

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