Margaret Bourke-White: Double Exposure starring Farrah Fawcett on DVD

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Double Exposure was deservedly one of the highest rated tv movies at the time. This biography of acclaimed photographer Margaret Bourke White (Farrah Fawcett) covers her war years as well as her turbulent relationship with writer Erskine Caldwell(well played by Frederic Forest). The movie is brilliantly written and beautifully shot...the scenes of Bourke-Whites and Caldwell's trip across depression era US are deeply moving. The earlier scenes wonderfully portray and capture some of Bourke-Whites famous photographs. I cannot praise Farrah Fawcett enough - this has to be one of her best performances and she won the Cable Ace Best Actress award for her role. In fact, although it was made for the small screen it plays like a big screen feature.

Full Screen, In Color, English, Stereo, Region 0, 105 minutes

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AKA Double Exposure: The Story of Margaret Bourke-White

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