Castle of the Living Dead starring Christopher Lee on DVD

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Count Drago invites entertainers to his castle, but what the people don't know is that Drago mummifies animals and humans. The crazy Count has created a process to instantly embalm any living creature and is always on the lookout to increase his sick menagerie. When a traveling performing troop is invited to this bizarre castle, you know that he's up to no good and their lives are in danger.

Of all the cast, the weirdest decision was having a young Donald Sutherland (in his first major film role) play two major parts-- (he also plays a 3rd role--standing in the audience at the beginning of the film). I really think that they had him play the sergeant and old lady simply to save money. If you like hammy first performances, then you might like watching Sutherland--particularly as he plays the crazy old lady with the same gusto as you'd expect in a high school production.

Black & White, 1964, Region 0, 90 minutes, Aspect Ratio:1.66 : 1, Rated PG

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How much shock can the human brain endure before it cracks?

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