Queen Kong unrated on DVD

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Unseen for over 25 years American audiences can finally experience the wacky lunacy of Frank Agrama's QUEEN KONG. Produced at the same time as Dino de Laurentiis' magnum opus KING KONG, this unflinching satire tackles every topic relevant to its time. Women's Liberation, Gender Role Reversal, Giant love struck Gorillas and full blown Busby Berkely-style musical numbers.

Featuring Rula Lenska and Hammer film favorites Valerie Leon, Jenny Hanley and Robin Askwith this is one outrageous movie, and after years of legal exile it can now be seen and savored.

New Letterboxed Transfer, Directors commentary track with Frank Agrama and Fred Olen Ray, and original 35mm Theatrical trailer.

unrated, 85 minutes, color, region 0

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She's in one of her moods again!

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