Jason vs Leatherface 2 movies on dvd

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Jason vs. Leatherface

There is actually two full length live action fan films on this DVD and they are both shot well and quite good story wise.

The first one, “Evil vs. Evil”, takes place after the re-make Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Freddy vs. Jason movie. Leatherface’s house is found by the secret army operations lead by Danny and Clark. They have been on Leatherface’s trail for years. When they get into the basement of the house they discover that Leatherface is gone. They get a tip at a local bar, sending them to the where abouts of Leatherface. Elsewhere, Jason is carry around his mothers head and guess who he bumps into.

The second film take up where the first leaves off in “Mask vs. Mask”. Leatherface takes a road trip and no one knows were he went. Well, he ends up at Lake Crystal, where Jason is on the hunt. FREDDY KRUGER IS IN THE MOVIE BUT I’M NOT SAYING HOW. One of the local cops explains the story to Danny and Clark (which believe that Leatherface is here and the killings are from him, not Jason). They hunt further in the realm of horror and FIND BOTH JASON AND LEATHERFACE for the FIGHT OF THERE LIVES!

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Jason vs Leatherface 2 movies on dvd, The Friday the 13th vs Texas Chainsaw Massacre film you're been waiting for.

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