Attack of the Super Monsters on DVD

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In the near future it's discovered that the dinosaurs did not die off, but instead live on near the center of the Earth. The evil lord Tyrannus uses the mutated dinosaur descendents to attack Earth in his effort to rule the world. Can Gemini Force, a group of four superpowered teens who've pledged to protect the Earth, stop his plans?

"Attack of the Super Monsters" is one of the most astonishing and trippiest things you’ll have ever seen. It's apparently four episodes of a cheesy Japanese television show that combines silly monsters in rubber suits with animation and space chaos edited together into a "movie". The "plot" is fairly challenging to explain coherently, but the chief bad guy is a T-Rex who talks. Talking dinosaurs intercut with very toy-like miniatures, animation and subplots running the gamut from dry cleaning gone awry (due to rats!) to a sloth escape and a triceratops in the suburbs: this is kind of what it would have been like if Sid and Marty Krofft directed a few episodes of "Ultraman" with special guest stars from "Lidsville" and "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters". The protagonists are Jim and Gem, who can fuse together their essence for three and a half minutes using the "Gemini Transfer" to defeat anything. There are tons of lasers, harpoon guns, rockets, an ice ray, etc., to distract and amuse. This really is one of the most unique and peculiar things you will have ever seen; it's interesting and entertaining purely for its weirdness. Fans of 1970s Japanese television should be enthralled.

In Color, running time 86 minutes, in English, all regions

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Larger Than Life, Deadlier Than Ever! SUPER MONSTERS!!!!

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