Wonder Woman TV special & Unaired TV pilot on DVD

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The 1977 film Lynda Carter TV special. This production was the last time actress Lynda Carter donned the Wonder Woman costume for film cameras. The show starts with Lynda dressed as Wonder Woman and says "There's a very special program about to begin, starring a good friend of mine. Her name is... Lynda Carter. We worked together on a series for a few years and now she's about to go out on her own. I hope you all enjoy it and watch... " and Wonder Woman then spins into Lynda Carter. Starring Kenny Rogers and Leo Sayer.

This is the unaired TV pilot from 2011 Starring Adrianne Palicki. It's the modern day, and being Wonder Woman is complicated. Diana is leading a triple life - running a large corporation out of costume and fighting crime in costume in one identity, and living by herself in a small apartment with just her cat for company in another identity, in a desperate attempt to have some kind of normality. The Justice Department takes a dim view of her knocking down doors, entering without a warrant, and beating people up in the street. Paying for her own crime lab by selling action figures of herself in costume leads to her questioning whether she's objectified herself. She's lonely, and frustrated, and the chance to take it out on someone is just too tempting... Starring Pedro Pascal and Adrianne Palicki.

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This is the original Wonder Woman and the new Wonder Woman both together on one DVD.

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    Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot

    Posted by Em. Hernandez on Feb 5th 2022

    Too bad so sad the network only did what years ago they did w' Cathy Lee Crasby . This mardern version of this icon carractor was Great!!! This actress like Ms. C.L.C. & Mrs. L.C. Altman (For those who don't know that's the Sir name of her late husband Robert Altman a LAWYER). Gave it personality and made the fictional character her. The acter that played Steve Steve (I remember as guy playing the son Nightrider) was cool. On the web. I saw it 3 + Xs and wasn't bored. I give it *****. They make this W.W. a C.E.O. now that's different an excellent idea. Pearle knew she's the Wndr Heroin like Ms. C.L.C. and hiding behind a secret ID like Mrs L.C.-A. THIS version of W.W. the CEO who did have answer to a an employer like those previous actresses of the 1970s. She's truely the BOSS! Now's that's brilliant!!!***** I recommend this be reliese on DVD having special features on it. Wndr Wmn . 2011 Pilot is a MUST see .

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