The Big Town starring Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Dern on DVD

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When things get hot, people get burned . . . bet on it!

An electrifying thriller about a small-town gambler seeking fame and fortune in the big city. In 1957, J. C. Cullen is a small-town crapshooter who heads to Chicago, Illinois, to seek his fortune. There he becomes the pawn of two high-rolling professional gamblers, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. He later gets mixed-up in a revenge scheme cooked up by Lorry Dane, the embittered stripper wife of strip-joint owner George Cole. Facing his worst odds ever, J.C. is now dangerously gambling with his life.

Star studded cast includes Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Dern, Tom Skerritt, Lee Grant, and Suzy Amis.

In Color, Region 0, Full Screen, 1 hour 47 minutes, Stereo,

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