The Forgotten One starring Kristy McNichol and Terry O'Quinn on DVD

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In the tradition of such supernatural spine-chillers as The Shining and The Lady in White.

"How do you kill something that's already dead."

Novelist Bob Anderson packs up and moves to a new city buying an old creaky Victorian house, hoping to storm up ideas for his second novel and move on from the unexpected death of his wife. However he learns the house homes a long-dormant entity, which he discovers is the spirit of a murdered 19th century housewife Evelyn. Thinking that discovering the corpse and actually burying it would free the spirit, only seems to entice the spirit and Bob soon becomes obsessed with Evelyn who just won't let him go.

Starring Kristy McNichol, Terry O'Quinn, Elisabeth Brooks, Blair Parker.

In Color, Rated R, 89 Minutes, Stereo Hi-Fi,

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