DEEP BLUE SEA starring Thomas Jane original movie lobby card

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A businessman sinks $200 million into a special project to help fight Alzheimer's disease. As part of this project, medical biologist Susan McAlester rather naughtily figures out a way to genetically enlarge shark brains, so that disease-battling enzymes can be harvested. However, the shark subjects become super smart and decide they don't much like being cooped up in pens and being stabbed with hypodermics, so they figure a way to break out and make for the open sea...

Beautiful vibrant lobby card with Thomas Jane facing a killer shark in near mint condition. There is a very small crease in the upper left hand corner of the card BUT no pin holes or other markings on this near mint 11 x 14 inch card. Perfect for framing or getting it autographed and comes in a clear hard top loader.

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