Voyage starring Rutger Hauer, Eric Roberts, and Karen Allen on DVD

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A couple’s idyllic Mediterranean cruise becomes a terror-filled nightmare in this suspenseful psychological thriller starring Rutger Hauer, Eric Roberts, and Karen Allen. When Morgan (Hauer) and Kit (Karen Allen) but a boat and sail from Monte Carlo to Malta, they hope to rekindle their marriage on the romantic getaway off their dreams. But everything changes when they reluctantly accept Gil (Roberts) and Ronnie (Connie Nielsen) Freeland as passengers. Once aboard, the Freeland’s drunken antics, seductive games, and deceptive behavior soon reveal they have plans of their own. By then, Morgan and Kit are fighting to save not only their marriage but their lives as well, as Gil’s violent personality erupts in a fury of manipulation, menace, and murder.

1993, 86 minutes, Color, Region 0

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A Dream Vacation Became Their Worst Nightmare.

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