In Love with an Older Woman starring John Ritter & Karen Carlson on DVD

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Serious Romance Was Never This Funny!

Robert (John Ritter) is a lawyer who takes more than professional interest in the new investigator hired by his firm, Isobel (Karen Carlson). As the two start working together, a romantic relationship gradually develops between them. But there's one slight problem: Isobel is 43 years old, while Robert is 29. The difference in age increasingly becomes a barrier to their romance -- especially when Robert discovers that Isobel has a 24-year-old daughter.

The screen veritably explodes with passion in this fantastically erotic film starring John Ritter and Karen Carlson. Neither actor have ever been more superb in any role and their chemistry in this motion picture is truly flammable. With extraordinary detail and understanding, the passionate affair of a young man and older woman is portrayed with fiery imagery heretofore never seen in a television production.

In Color, Unrated, 96 minutes running time, Stereo,

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