The Finder the complete TV series on DVD set

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Walter Sherman is an Iraq war veteran who has suffered brain damage in an IED explosion. The brain damage triggers in Walter the ability to "find" things, he sees connections between seemingly unrelated events, objects or people that other investigators would miss. Walter is assisted by his "legal advisor" and bar owner Leo Knox, US Deputy Marshal Isabel Zambada, and teen parolee and thief Willa Monday, who is serving her probation with the team. The brain damage that gives Walter his "finder" talent has also left him with a case of paranoia and other mental idiosyncrasies. Walter refuses treatment because he does not want to lose his talent. The last time Walter failed to find someone, it was the IED explosive expert that was responsible for blowing up Walter's Humvee and killing 6 members of his unit.

This imported set is on a Region 0 format and will play on ALL players and gaming systems in the USA.

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Includes all 13 episodes plus the Finder/Bones crossover episode on 5 DVDs 

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3 Reviews

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    The Finder TV Series

    Posted by Cyndi Kline on Mar 6th 2024

    Absolutely love the show. Totally can't understand why it was cancelled after just 1 season. So much better to watch than all the bull---t shows they have on now days. It's funny, engaging and believe it or not, teaches so REAL life lessons.

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    Quirky Insights into What Motivates People

    Posted by Scott Burr on Sep 8th 2019

    I love this TV Series. The writing and direction is perfect in this quirky and insightful show about what motivates the main characters and how they support and clash with each other. The bonds they share despite differences is truly funny and at times heart breaking.

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    Posted by Sandy on Jul 31st 2017

    Loved this Quirky show. Too bad it was cancelled. I guess it had to be, since no one could replace Michael Clarke Duncan.

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