Fatal Past starring Costas Mandylor and Kasia Figura on DVD

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Australian tale of love, guns, and the occult.

Jennifer (Kasia Figura) is the favored mistress of drug kingpin David Preston (Terence Cooper). To make certain no other man touches her, he assigns a young hood called Costello (Costas Mandylor) as her bodyguard. Though the moll and the mug claim to loathe each other, you can guess what happens when they're left alone together in Preston's Hefner-sized mansion--especially since therapist Helen (Gennie Nevinson) hypnotized Jennifer into remembering her past life in 17th-century Japan as a shogun's courtesan in a forbidden affair with a chief samurai.

In Color, Region 0, widescreen, Rated R, 1994, running time 1 hour 27 minutes,

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