Alberto Vargas "Varga Girl" documentary on DVD

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In 1916, Alberto Vargas (1886-1982) arrived in New York City. He was Peruvian, trained in photography. He's soon in love with American showgirls and drawing for Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., who helps Vargas develop an eye for talent and personality. Fox brings Vargas to Hollywood; at night, married and living on Greenfield Avenue, he draws women. The film traces his career, developing the "Varga Girl" for Esquire Magazine, the popularity of his art during World War II, his contract dispute with Esquire, a protracted court case, and his work apart from Esquire. The film measures the toll the court case took on him. Vargas's biographer talks, so does photographer Bunny Yeager.

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Alberto Vargas was a noted Peruvian

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