Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash starring JoBeth Williams, Robert Foster, and Anthony John Denison on DVD

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A love story with larceny on its mind.

An excellent and fast-paced thriller with top notch performances from all. JoBeth Williams plays Sarah Gallagher, a high glass escort who wants to retire - only thing is, the Mafia accountant she trusted with her hard-earnt 750,000 has skipped town with her money - and 20 million of the Mob's. Allying herself with an ex-con,Douglas Colson (Tony Denison) who has served 10 years for armed robbery only to find his share of the money missing on release, the two pursue their quarry onto a luxury liner embarking on a world cruise. Can they unmask the man and recover Sarah's money before the Mob beats them to it?

Larceny, romance, and mayhem stsrring JoBeth Williams, Anthony John Denison, and Robert Forster

PG-13, Stereo, Color, 1 hr. 26 minutes, Digitally recorded

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