M.A.N.T.I.S.: The Complete Series on a 4 DVD set

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Though he was once paralyzed and wheelchair-bound, Dr. Miles Hawkins (Carly Lumbly, ALIAS) invented a metal exoskeleton that put him back on his feet, and that's not all: his new steel suit also gives him special powers. Dubbing his supernatural self "M.A.N.T.I.S." (Mechanically Automated NeuroTransmitter Interactive System), Hawkins hits the streets to fight crime and corruption. Co-starring Gina Torres (SERENITY), this series from Sam Raimi (EVIL DEAD) was the first TV program to feature an African-American superhero, and developed a quick cult following. The Season One collection features every episode from the show's year-long run.

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Includes both Pilots, all 22 episodes including the two unaired shows at the end of the series, 24 episodes of Sam Raimi's short lived show on 4 DVD's.<

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