Tensou Sentai Goseiger complete series plus EPIC ON the movie on DVD set

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Unknown to the people of Earth, there is a branch of humanity called the "Gosel Angels" (Gosei Tenshi), whose mission is to protect the Earth. When the Earth is targeted by an evil alien invasion force called Warstar, they destroy the Heaven's Tower, the bridge between the Earth and the Gosei World, home of the Gosei Angles, to keep them from interfering. However, five apprentice Gosei Angels are on Earth at the time and, while finding a way to return back home, they become the Goseigers to stop Warstar. But soon after, the monstrous Yummajuu emerge from their slumber and the Goseigers recceive aid from a special being called Gosei Knight who once fought against the Yuumajuu in the past.

This footage is being used for the 2013 Power Rangers series called Power Rangers Megaforce.

Running time approximate 632 minutes x 2 plus the Movie   Language in Japanese with English Subtitles  Widescreen in Stereo

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The Platinum Edition of Tensou Sentai Goseiger, the complete series, all 50 episodes,

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