Mighty Heroes the complete cartoon series on DVD

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When a great city is threatened by a wide assortment of supervillians, they shoot up the fireworks to summon the Mighty Heroes. This sextet of stumble bum heroes go out to confront the menace at hand, and with a great deal of difficulty, usually carry the day.

The series aired as a Saturday morning cartoon, with a Mighty Heroes story told in two parts, and a classic Mighty Mouse cartoon shown in between.

This series was created by Ralph Bakshi at a pitch session where Terrytoons offered their show concepts to the CBS executives.

At the time this series was developed, Ralph Bakshi had an infant son who got mad whenever Daddy had to go to work. He would throw his bottle at Bakshi as he was heading for the door. This is what gave Bakshi the inspiration for "Diaper Man, the hero who fights villains with his mighty bottle".

Total of 20 episodes on a Region 0 DVD

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A group of clumsy superheroes fight menaces that threaten the city.

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    Basement DVD?

    Posted by OX_Bigly on Jul 1st 2020

    I acn only assume this is a basement DVD, given that its region 0 and there isn't any pictures of the back of the box. Granted Bakshi dosent uave any plans to release this on official DVD so this might be your best bet to get these cartoons.

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